Stuffed Fables and the Psychology of Play

I don’t play a large number of board games. I have a few in my collection but I’m more of a card and role-playing game fan. Through the card game Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, I was introduced to the game developers Plaid Hat Games. Plaid Hat Games’ latest release is Stuffed Fables and is designed by Jerry Hawthorne. I’m a big fan of Jerry’s Mice and Mystics line of games, which include Mice and Mystics, its expansions and Tail Feathers.

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The Vikings-Saints game was so crazy, Apple Watches told fans they might be having heart issues

The New Orleans Saints played the Minnesota Vikings this Sunday to determine which team would make it to the NFC Conference Finals. The Saints were down 17-0 at the end of the first half but they rallied together to take the lead 24-23 in the last few seconds of the 4th Quarter. With time for one play left, Vikings running back Stefon Diggs was able to beat the New Orleans defence and secure a win for Minnesota.

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CryptoKitties – Blockchain in Gaming

I found out about this today

Cryptokitties is a game that allows you to buy, sell, breed and trade virtual cats. How Cryptokitties is different is that the cats are created and registered using Etherium, a blockchain based distributed computing platform. Blockchain is also the technology that powers the infamous Bitcoin currency.

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Childhood Game Design Memories

While lying in bed sick today, I saw a clip of the old Disney Gummi Bears cartoon (1985 – 1991) on Reddit. This was one of my favourite shows when I was around age 10 – 13. There wasn’t really much medieval style fantasy on TV at the time and being obsessed with wizards and warriors, this had to do. I started searching around for more related nostalgia and a flood of childhood memories came back to me. Embarrassingly, at one point I had attempted to write my own Gummi Bears rpg, so this reminded me of all my horrible attempts at game design back then. Allow me to take a walk down memory lane…

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How a Fish Tank Helped Hack a Casino

While hilarious, add these guys to the list of IoT manufacturers who simply do the bare minimum to keep their products secure.

The hackers attempted to acquire data from a North American casino by using an Internet-connected fish tank, according to a report released Thursday by cybersecurity firm Darktrace.

The fish tank had sensors connected to a PC that regulated the temperature, food and cleanliness of the tank.

More information can be found in the Darktrace report mentioned in the article.

Top 10 Influential Albums From My Teen Years

So I’m going to take a stab at this. On Facebook people have been posting their top 10 most influential albums from their teen years. For me that’s 1988-1994. After writing up the list, I notice that 50% of the albums were released in 1992. That was a good year for music. So many more I could have added. The list is a little light on Hip Hop. Wish I could have fit in Pete Rock and CL, Tribe, Del, De La Soul, Funkdoobiest, Boogie Down Productions/KRS-One and so many others.

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Body/Head – No Waves


This album was released on Nov 11th but I’ve been waiting to give it a good listen on my home stereo* before writing about it.

Not to be confused with the really lame looking Roy Jones Jr. album, Body Head Bangerz Vol. 1, Body/Head is a collaboration project between Kim Gordon (vocals/guitar) and Bill Nace (guitar) and this is their 2nd LP. No Waves was recorded live at the Bijou Theatre during the Big Ears Festival in Knoxville, Tennessee on March 24th 2014. Continue reading “Body/Head – No Waves”

Securing Your Cookies

What are cookies?

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De La Soul – and the Anonymous Nobody…


This release was my first time Kickstarting a music project, but when I heard that De La Soul was working on a new album I needed to get in on it. It met their funding goal in just 10 hours and went on to reach 51st on the Billboard charts here in Canada as well as the number 1 spot on the Vinyl Billboard chart in the US. My vinyl copy hasn’t arrived yet but they’ve provided me with an MP3 version and it’s available on Apple Music as well.

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